2017 Canton Academy Track and Field Schedule




As you can see in the above pictures, Canton Academy Track and Field was very successful in the Spring of 2017. The Varsity Girls won their 4th consecutive Class AA State Championship in Track and Field and The Varsity Boys won the Class AA State Championship for the first time since 1999. The Boys and Girls programs are coached by Ben Williams  who is in his 7th year at Canton Academy. Assisting Coach Ben were Kenner Purvis, Craig Bowman and A.B. Williams. Winning both of these Championships would not have been possible without these assistants, it enabled us to work individually with athletes and give them one on one time at practice.  These athletes love to run, jump and throw, that is every coaches dream. Most kids do not want to run or look at it as a form of punishment and it takes awhile to remove that mindset, once removed, the sky’s the limit,” says head Coach Ben Williams.

2017 Varsity Girls Track Team


2017 Junior High Girls Track Team


2017 Junior High Boys Track Team


2017 Boys Track Team

2016-2017 Admission Prices

  • Invitational $6 Adults, $5 Students
  • Varsity District, Regional & Class meets $6 Adults & Students