Parent’s Auxiliary

CAPA is a group composed of parents and teachers from K3-12 grade. The CAPA parent associations’ goals are to promote communication, encourage participation and establish a sense of community among parents, faculty and students.  The organization conducts several fundraisers in effort to provide teachers and students with a vast array of items from playground equipment to technology for the classroom.  CAPA also celebrates our teachers, faculty and staff by providing monthly Teacher Appreciation.  We encourage Canton Academy community by hosting the annual Harvest Festival.  If you are a parent at CA, you are an important part of the family. We invite everyone to attend our short but informative monthly meetings.  Joining CAPA is a great way to meet other parents and get involved!

Upcoming Fundraisers


CAPA Officers

  • Co-Presidents:  Mary Hollin Brock, Lane Purvis, Allison Townsend

For more information please visit us at the Canton Academy Parents Auxiliary facebook page or contact your CAPA class mom (email is preferred method of contact).

CAPA Class Moms:

K3 Murray Ann Penn: 601-201-8380

K4 (Williams) Christy Saxton: 601-832-8623

K4 (Hunt) Kimberly Sumrall: 601-937-4111
K5 Laura Baldwin: 601-720-3632
G1 Cindy Penn: 601-383-3615
G2 Allison Townsend: 601-519-7966
G3 Dawn Lampkin: 601-946-0367
G4 Stacey Sanders: 601-672-7544
G5 Shea Hale: 601-613-0044
G6 Margaret Welch:
G7 Kelly Cook: 601-906-9248
G8 Angie Bobst: 601-624-6091
G9 Alison Martin: 601-214-8407
G10 Teresa Crosby: 601-672-4232
G11 Jennifer Burnside: 601-383-2777;
Simmie Follin: 601-624-0616
G12 Sharon Simpson: 601-668-8383;
Jo Anderson: 601-826-5677 ;
Elizabeth Pace: 601-540-3839