As a result of the Covid-19, Canton Academy will allow the following remote learning opportunity.

Canton Academy will allow families to have their child or children participate in a remote learning plan through Canton Academy if they are concerned about their child or children participating in a return to a campus educational experience. This option allows the student to remain on track within the Canton Academy curriculum and its pacing schedule so that when students decide to return to campus, they will be on pace with their classmates.

  • Tuition is the same for students using the remote option as it is for other students.
  • Remote learning students will not be allowed to participate in school activities or attend school activities such as sporting events.
  • Major assessments (Tests) will be taken at the school at a time outside normal school hours when other students and staff are not on campus.
  • Per school policy, students that participated in this remote learning program would not be required to take an entrance test prior to returning to an on-campus venue; however, just as any student who has withdrawn from school or any new prospective student, homeschooled students would be required to take an entrance test to ensure they are on pace with currently enrolled students in their grade. Remote learning students will be on the same curriculum track as on campus students while homeschooled students could be on a totally different curriculum track.