Directed Studies Program

The Directed Studies Program provides homework assistance, class test administration with accommodations and supplemental classroom instruction and reinforcement to students who have current medical/psychoeducational evaluation results indicating there is a moderate learning disability that can be supported by the program the school has in place.

Accommodation: Support or service that is provided to help student fully access the general education curriculum and does not change the content of what is being taught.

Service Plan: A service plan is a formal plan designed for any student with a disability based on medical/psychoeducational evaluation report with current data ( not over three years ) who is admitted into the Directed Study Program. The service plan is kept in student’s confidential file in the Directed Study room.

Standards and grading/assessments remain the same for all students.

Dyslexia Therapy: Canton Academy employs a certified Dyslexia Therapist who provides dyslexia therapy for students in the elementary school that have been diagnosed with moderate dyslexia.

Cost to be enrolled into the Directed Study Program is $2,500.