Christian Community Service Policy

The Canton Academy Christian Community Service Program fosters discipleship and stewardship and is an integral part of the overall curriculum of our school.  Participation encourages students to learn new skills, develop a sense of giving, assume responsibilities and enrich their overall learning experiences.

Students in grades 9-12 are required to obtain ten (10) hours of community service each year in order to have forty (40) hours of documented community service by April 1st of their senior year.  Students who transfer to Canton Academy will be held responsible for the hours that apply to the years he/she is a student. Community service hours are required for graduates to receive their diploma from Canton Academy.

Definition of Community Service:

  1. The student performs service without compensation.
  2. The student performs service that is not mandated by a court.
  3. The student performs service for a non-profit institution or organization that has been approved through Canton Academy.
  4. The service results in at least one person other than the student or the student’s relative benefiting from the act of service.
  5. The service is not provided during regular school hours, unless it is a community service event that is planned through a grade coordinator or the Christian Service Program.

Procedures for earning Community Service:

  • The student will follow the above definition of community service when choosing an opportunity to serve. Should there be a question of whether or not it is an approved community service, prior approval should be obtained from the Christian Community Service Coordinator.
  • The student will complete the Community Service form and have both the organization and his or her parent sign the form.
  • The student will turn the Community Service form* into Christian Community Service Coordinator, Elaine Pounds, within two (2) weeks of the service being provided.
  • The Christian Community Service Coordinator will post service hours quarterly so that students will know how many hours they have obtained.