Upper School

Selection of the proper course of study is one of the most important decisions made during a student’s high school career.  Careful selection of courses contributes to a successful high school experience and even influences decisions made beyond high school.  In choosing a course of study, the student should consider plans after high school, abilities, special interests, and needs.  Parents, teachers, and counselors are excellent sources for advice and should be consulted.  Each student in grades 7-12 must be enrolled in English, math, science, and social studies unless given special permission due to special circumstances.

Each spring, through the school’s counseling services, each student will receive a subject choice sheet.  The parents and student should select subjects for the following year.  The Head of Schools, guidance counselor, and teachers will work with parents and students in selecting these subjects.  Each student in grades 7-11 will take a minimum of five courses.  For a detailed program of studies, please refer to page 20 in the Student/Parent handbook.

An official report card will be issued to each student by the school.

Athletics or Extracurricular Activities Academic Eligibility Rule:

1. Students participating in extracurricular activities at Canton Academy are expected to maintain good grades.  Grades will be checked at 3-week intervals and at the end of each 9-week grading period.  A text will be sent out notifying parents that a failure list has been submitted to the coaching staff to determine athletic eligibility and that parents should check their child’s grades online.  Students who have two failing grades in academic classes will be placed on academic probation.  Students will be eligible to practice and participate in extracurricular events during any probationary period.  If a student still has two failing grades in academic classes for a grading period immediately following a grading period for which the student has been placed on academic probation, the student will be ineligible to practice or participate in any extracurricular or athletic events during that grading period If the student has less than two failing grades at the end of the grading period, then the student will immediately become eligible to compete or perform in athletic contests or extracurricular events.

2. Participation in athletics or extracurricular activities at Canton Academy is a privilege.  Going out for a team gives one the right to practice and learn the basics of the game.  Being on a team does not guarantee playing time.  Playing time is strictly at the coach’s discretion.  The administration and coaches reserve the right to suspend a player from a team for academic or disciplinary reasons.