Elementary Music

Elementary music includes grades K/4 through 6th grade. Each grade meets two times per week for 30 minutes each time. Children learn choral singing and elementary based music education to include music theory, sight reading, introduction to instrumentation, and introduction to piano.

Students also have the opportunity to perform in musical programs each year which affords them the opportunity to learn all aspects of musical dramas from singing to acting and staging and props.

Each grade level is introduced to music education befitting their grade level, and each year that knowledge is increased to prepare them for music on a middle school level.

Students also learn and memorize a song for each week’s Chapel program on Wednesdays.  Our 4th through 6th graders also perform The National Anthem before some of our home football games.

Our music teacher, Mala Harris, also conducts the CA Show Choir.  All students in grades 5-12 are invited to join the Show Choir.  Show Choir practice is every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:15 a.m. with Mrs. Harris in the music room.