Canton Academy Rolls Out a New Look

Panther Head

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but is a school judged by its logo? This question led Ron Jurney and a few other coaches to start talking about updating the graphics used for Canton Academy sports teams uniforms. The panther we were using had been a part of CA for a few years, and it was time for a fresh look.
The rebranding started there – with the panther. Several graphics were gathered as a starting point; and students, coaches, teachers, and alumni were polled to see which look would fit the Canton Academy Panthers. After an initial vote, the graphic was narrowed to four and eventually down to one, which was modified to make it our own. 
This initial design led to a streamlining of all of the CA graphics – school seal, logo, colors, fonts, and eventually a whole new website. “As we approach the year 2020, the fifty-fifth Anniversary of Canton Academy’s founding, it is appropriate that we continue to cement who we are and how the public identifies our great school. Branding is a crucial piece of that identity, and it gives us the opportunity to be more clearly recognized throughout our community, state and region as a whole. We also want to thank our students, teachers, coaches, alums and the CA Board of Directors who all participated in the branding process. This has been a real team effort,” said Ron Jurney, CA Head of School.